[rspec-users] Deprecating the mocking framework?

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Sat Sep 1 06:34:28 EDT 2007

El 1/9/2007, a las 11:15, Peter Marklund escribió:

> I understand where you're coming from Tom. But it's currently two
> script/plugin installs to start using RSpec with Rails, making it be
> three (the current two plus a mocking framework) is presumably not
> going to change adoption or the hurdle of using RSpec by much. I
> currently use Mocha because I can use it both with Test::Unit and
> RSpec. I have a big legacy of Test::Unit tests and I want to be able
> to maintain those and use mocking there, with the same syntax as in
> RSpec. That's why I don't use the built in mocking in RSpec.

Ouch. I used the built-in RSpec mocking because it was the default  
and I figured that it would be less likely to have compatibility  
issues in the future (say when Mocha or any of the others made subtle  
updates outside the control of the RSpec team). I liked the idea of  
having one integrated package which just worked.

I actually thought the trend was in the opposite direction; to  
include things in RSpec (isn't RBehave part of trunk now?) rather  
than pare them down.

Luckily, however, I don't have too many mocks yet, and the ones which  
are there aren't that complex. Could probably convert them over to  
something else in about a day's work.


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