[rspec-users] Easy AR association stubbing

Ryan Heneise lists at artofmission.com
Fri Oct 26 10:10:26 EDT 2007

On 10/5/07, Andrew WC Brown <omen.king at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've added a method to the mock class that makes it pretty easy to
> stub associations in rails. I've been using it for awhile and it seems
> to cut down on a lot of setup code for the controller and model specs
> that use associations.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for this tip. I tried refactoring my subdomain as account keys  
spec (http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/rspec-users/2007-October/ 
004157.html) with stub_association!, but am having some trouble.

Here's my setup method:

   before do
     @request.host = "subdomain.test.host"
     @item = mock_model(Item)
     @current_company = mock_model(Company)
     @current_company.stub_association!(:items, :find => [@item])

   it "should find the item requested" do

... fails with:
Mock 'Company_1005' expected :find with ("1") once, but received it 0  

I'm using subdomains as account keys, as in my code example here:  


- Ryan Heneise

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