[rspec-users] Interesting shared behaviour side-effect

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Sun Oct 21 13:42:30 EDT 2007

El 21/10/2007, a las 14:42, "David Chelimsky" <dchelimsky at gmail.com>  

> On 10/21/07, Wincent Colaiuta <win at wincent.com> wrote:
>> Not actually a big deal; seeing as the specs don't have any side-
>> effects and running them twice is harmless, and in any case getting
>> rid of the nesting (putting all the specs in a single shared
>> behaviour block) gets rid of the duplicate. But I'm wondering, is
>> this a bug? Feature? Am I abusing shared behaviours?
> Yes. No. Yes (but you're entitled to).
> Please report this to the tracker!




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