[rspec-users] Preferred mock framework

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Sun Oct 21 09:32:47 EDT 2007


In light of the fact that RSpec mocks are going into maintenance mode  
in the near future, I was wondering what everyone was switching to.

I liked the look of FlexMock most, so gave that a shot.  However,  
there's a few things that don't work well with RSpec due to the  
traditional differences in the way Test::Unit cases are written vs  
RSpec specs.  (One spec per example for example.)  I've sent a patch  
to flexmock-users for one, although there others (the list has gone  
quiet now - will wait until Jim Weirich gets back before I look at  
any other changes).

The other mock frameworks look similar, in that while i'm sure they  
will do the job, they will not fit as seamlessly into RSpec.

Given that, what is everyone using here?  And if still RSpec mocks,  
what will you switch to?

I'm sure I read here that RSpec mocks will be maintained for RSpec's  
own specs.  (Corrections accepted...)  If that is the case,
surely they will remain good enough for use with application code?

I just don't know what to use for mocking any more...


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