[rspec-users] Assumption tests

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Sat Oct 20 16:21:43 EDT 2007

> These two specs are basically the same, and I can tell you that I
> would likely NOT write the first one, but I would very likely write
> the second one. This means that my decision is based on the
> implementation, which might bug our purist BDD sensibilities.

> Which brings us to an important point. As is software in general, BDD
> is all about balance. It requires thought. It requires weighing
> opposing forces and making a practical decision.

Doesn't bug me, at all.  What bugs me is that this sort of mocking is  
not in some other mock library or plugin, which would do this pattern  
for me.  These common patterns (for Rails) should be abstracted away  
(as some have been doing with Rails' association proxy).  There is no  
reason that all of those implementation details *of another library*  
need to be crowding the intention of my specs.  Until this happens, I  
need to know all of these details about how another library works,  
which, for me, is too far off the scale (no balance there)...


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