[rspec-users] Problems with form_for and partials

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 12:22:30 EDT 2007

On 10/20/07, Russell Norris <rsl at swimcommunity.org> wrote:
> i'm having problem with a form_for situation where i'm trying to DRY
> out the repeated parts of my forms and put them in common/form and
> render the form elements via another partial in controller_name/_form.
> Here's the first form
> # app/views/common/form
> <% form_for ... do |f| -%>
>   <%= render :partial => "params[:controller]/form", :object => f %>
>   <p>Submit buttons...</p>
> <% end -%>
> I'm having problems with stub_render because of the :object => f. I
> have tried creating a FormBuilder instance to use there as the :object
> but it doesn't seem to want to match the actual instance there, which
> has a large amount of additional information due to the template being
> run at that point.
> Then in the partial:
> # app/views/users/_form
> <p>
>   <label>Name</label>
>   <%= f.text_field :user, ... %>
> </p>
> I can create a FormBuilder instance here and solve the 'f' problem by
> stubbing f and returnign the new FormBuilder but then I have to stub
> the text_field method which is what i'm actually spec'ing.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to accomplish this without
> having to repeat the same basic form information and buttons over
> multiple forms. Something about sacrificing DRYness to achieve BDD
> seems off. I'd imagine you can have both and I'm just not hitting the
> mark.

There should not be any conflict between BDD and DRY code. There has
been some debate about DRY specs, but that's a completely different

One way that I've handled this that works well is that I've got a
shared behaviour for the common elements in the form and I use that in
all the specs for the forms that use the partial:


This works whether there is a partial being used or not, and I think
that it makes it easier to refactor things later.


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