[rspec-users] Step matchers

Josh Chisholm joshuachisholm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 10:00:42 EDT 2007

This isn't in production, it's not even fully baked. It's just
something I hacked away at over a couple of weekends. I can show you
where I wanted to get to (off the top of my head) :

( adapted from http://evang.eli.st/blog/2007/9/1/user-stories-with-rspec-s-story-runner


...but I haven't had time to get quite there yet.

One thing that becomes a problem when you abandon ruby's blocks:
nesting is ambiguous. For example, is a second "When" block a child or
sibling of a preceding "When" block? this is obviously important when
you run the specs. Ideally I'd want "nestability" without relying on
punctuation or whitespace :-) but I haven't solved this problem yet.

Incidentally I asked my kids to describe some features of software
they use, in this style and they found it easy.

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