[rspec-users] Top Quoting?

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Mon Oct 15 19:18:58 EDT 2007

El 16/10/2007, a las 0:58, Jay Levitt <lists-rspec at shopwatch.org>  

> Yeah.. this is an age-old Internet debate, of course, but I think the
> problem is that (a) we're all top-quoting but (b) we're never  
> trimming,
> not even the mailing-list footer.
> If you're gonna top-quote/bottom-post - and that is my personal  
> favorite
> for exactly the reasons demonstrated in the A&Q above - you gotta  
> trim.

Some prefer top-posting, others bottom-posting (I fall into this  
latter group), but I think that whichever way people decide to go,  
they would do us all a great service by trimming down the quoted  
section to only the relevant parts.

This is especially true in cases where the reply might be two or  
three lines long, and the untrimmed quoted message stretches on for  

Our mail clients (and web interfaces) already provide us with  
threaded interfaces for going back and looking at the older parts of  
a conversation; it's not necessary to have the entire history of the  
conversation embedded in every single reply.


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