[rspec-users] Story Runner: Readability of output with multiple params

Zach Dennis zach.dennis at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 12:19:17 EDT 2007

Does it add any value to even add things like "Joe" and "Acme" into a
story part? It seems like that is an implementation detail of your

Who cares about "Joe" or "Acme", don't you just care that you have a
user who works for a company. And if that company has a particular
trait wouldn't it be cleaner to identify the company by that trait
rather then a name in the description?

IE: Given " a user who works for a company that sells cartoons"

And then in your helper you can use "Joe" and Acme"

def a_user_who_works_for_a_company_that_sells_cartoons
  @user = Generate.user( "joe")
  @company = Generate.company("Acme")
  @company.employees = @user


Zach Dennis

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