[rspec-users] Strange mock_model behaviour with ActiveResource model

James Hughes hughes.james at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 15:19:15 EDT 2007


I have two models in an app that inherit from ActiveResource::Base.
The scaffold controller tests for one of the models works fine, but
the other one dies when calling mock_model in the "handling GET
/fa_codes" spec:

Specifically, the call to mock model here:

 before do
    @fa_code = mock_model(FaCode)

generates this failure:

NameError in 'FaCodesController handling GET /fa_codes should assign
the found fa_codes for the view'
uninitialized constant Spec::Rails::Initializer
(eval):11:in `class'

This is with edge rails, trunk rspec and rspec_on_rails. I might have
pegged this as some Ares wierdness, but there are two models with the
same setup, and only one dies like this.

Any ideas?


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