[rspec-users] Using mocks in classes

Guff gareth.howell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 10:37:32 EDT 2007

I am mocking a rails model that hasn't been implemented and belongs_to a
model that I am developing with rspec.
The model in development, Audit, has_many AuditItems which is being mocked.
When created, Audit creates the first instance of AuditItem.
To enable me to mock AuditItem I have created a factory method in Audit to
create the AuditItem, rather than  creating it in the initialize method;
that way I can defined a new class MockAudit and overide the
create_audit_item method.

It looks like
class MockAudit < Audit
def initialize
@auditItem[0] = mockAuditItem

The question is, where do I define mockAuditItem. If it inside the describe
block, MockAudit cannot see it. If I define mockAuditItem =
mock("AuditItem") inside the def for MockAudit then mock isn't defined.
Should I just mixin the Mock class?

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