[rspec-users] Spec/Test Speed

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Thu Oct 4 00:53:45 EDT 2007

> If your test suite and application are fully open source and you don't
> mind someone playing with it, I'm collecting benchmark suites for the
> Ruby interpreter and would love to have a nice heavy "rspec" run as an
> example of real-world Ruby usage. Contact me off-list if you're
> interested, or if you want me to show you how to profile the Ruby
> interpreter itself on your test case.
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Unfortunately, the app isn't open source, although I do have one  
other app, and a rails plugins which both have specs:


Those don't hit a database, so they are incredibly fast:

Finished in 0.19639 seconds

257 examples, 2 failures, 4 pending

I'm going to give the profiler a shot, plus compiling ruby from  
source (I'm using the fink package manager, after having ditched  
darwin ports).  I'll see where that leaves me.

As for running the profiler - is there an easy way to wrap the blocks/ 
closures given to an 'it' example with the profiler?  (I haven't  
contacted you off list since I'm sure others would benefit from this  

Other, more general ideas are still welcome...


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