[rspec-users] TextMate language weirdness

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Wed Oct 3 16:41:30 EDT 2007

I'm having the same problem.  I thought it was specific to my Textmate 
install.  The Ruby and Ruby on Rails bundles have the keybinding of 
CTL-Shift-Alt-R so you can easily switch between them.  This helps and 
it would be nice if the RSpec bundle had the same key bindings.  Of 
course, if the problem could be fixed that would be ideal.  I'm running 
"cutting edge" version of Textmate.  How about you?  Maybe it has 
something to do with that.

Carl Porth wrote:
> I'm having trouble with TextMate and assigning the RSpec language to  
> *_spec.rb files within rails projects.  Here is what is happening:
> I'm in a file that has the language "Ruby on Rails" selected.
> I do a ctrl-shift-down to switch to the corresponding _spec.rb file.
> The _spec.rb file has the language "Ruby on Rails" selected.
> I change the language to "RSpec".
> I then do a ctrl-shift-down to switch back to the rails file.
> The rails file has the language "Ruby" selected.
> I select the language "Ruby on Rails" and the whole vicious cycle  
> begins again.
> (No files remember what language they are supposed to be.)
> I'm running TextMate build 1414 and RSpec.tmbundle r2691.
> Anyone else experiencing the same behavior?
> Is the problem with me, TextMate or RSpec.tmbundle or something  
> completely different?
> Carl
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