[rspec-users] namespaced controllers

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Sun Nov 25 13:43:28 EST 2007

> Figured out how to reproduce it. It depends on load order, I guess.
> Given the files:
>   spec/controllers/foo_controller_spec.rb
>   spec/controllers/admin/foo_controller_spec.rb
> The specs do nothing but hit the FooController#show and
> Admin::FooController#index actions and expect the right render.
> If I touch admin/foo_controller_spec.rb, the specs pass.
> If I touch foo_controller_spec.rb, the specs for Admin::FooController
> fail with UnknownAction exceptions, since ::FooController has no index
> action defined.
> Problem occurs with autotest and rake spec, but not with ./script/ 
> spec spec.
> This is happening with the current latest trunk versions, rails r8200
> and rspec r2980.

Can you put this in the tracker?  I'm likely to forget about it  


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