[rspec-users] Testing transactional updates in story runner

Jarkko Laine jarkko at jlaine.net
Wed Nov 21 07:06:57 EST 2007

How do you guys test transactional updates with story runner?

I have an action that needs to update four different models:

     Enrollment.transaction do
       @contact.update_addresses(params[:contact_address], params 

The last update_attributes! will raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotValid  
if anything was invalid (it cascades to contact and further to  
addresses), and thus cause a rollback, so either all the updates go  
through or none of them. This works fine in development and production.

However, in story runner  the whole story is put inside a big  
transaction and further attempts to create or rollback transactions  
are ignored. This is of course nice from the performance point of  
view, but if you have code that depends on actual transactions in the  
app, you're screwed. In my example the addresses would stay updated  
in the story runner's eyes even though in real life the changes would  
be rolled back, thus making stories not what they're supposed to be,  
end-to-end tests for the application stack.

Has anyone found an elegant way to circumvent this with story runner?


Jarkko Laine

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