[rspec-users] cap deploy:spec

Pat Maddox pergesu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 21:28:30 EST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 5:36 PM, Jonathan Linowes <jonathan at parkerhill.com> wrote:
> It confused me too. I assume you're referring to the rake spec command.
> I've not followed the code, but what it does is connect to the
> development database first (or production one if you say
> RAILS_ENV=production) before getting to  spec_helper which in turn
> specifies ENV["RAILS_ENV"] = "test" to connect to the test one before
> running the specs.

Okay, that makes sense.  I was unaware that rake db:test:prepare
always used the test env as the target database to migrate.  Seems
like it could be dangerous :)

Looks pretty cool.  Though I'll add that you should use
cruisecontrol.rb so you know your specs are all passing before you
deploy ;)


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