[rspec-users] Autotest rspec issues

Brad Carson lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Nov 20 18:36:36 EST 2007

Scott Taylor wrote:
> On Nov 20, 2007, at 12:23 PM, Brad Carson wrote:
>> I'm having trouble getting autotest to run "out of the box" with  
>> rspec.
>> I've got a Leopard setup with Zentest 3.5.0, rspec on trunk, and rails
>> 2.0PR.  No ".autotest" file.
> Oops.  Didn't read your info very well ;).
> You'll want to upgrade to the latest Zentest - 3.6.1.  That should
> fix you right up.

You were absolutely right.  My gem configuration is kind of mangled 
(Leopard thing) and ZenTest would only update to 3.5.0 so I thought it 
was the most recent version.

Manually downloading and installing the gem fixed every one of the 
issues for me, using some instructions from one of David's posts (but 
for ZenTest 3.6.1):

At that point I had two versions of ZenTest installed and did a 
targetted uninstall of 3.5.0.

Many thanks, Scott.  I could've saved hours of frustration had I only 
come here first!

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