[rspec-users] helper methods starting with should

Glenn Ford glenn at aldenta.com
Mon Nov 19 00:13:44 EST 2007

I, as a new rspec user, did not find the switch between test_ and it  
"blah" do to be even a small challenge compared to other things I had  
to convert and learn.  I only feel like it would be one more thing to  
keep up with that would cause problems.  I can certainly see someone  
writing a helper method with should_ and saying "what the heck is  
going on" because they didn't fully read all the documentation.  It  
was plenty easy in my conversion to say "oh ok, find and replace test_  
and put it "should" in place of that".  I would have certainly been  
frustrated to find a hidden "feature" causing problems that I didn't  

Keeping in mind my original n00b perspective, I feel like if in my  
first impression I had the option of turning on a baby-step feature  
that I might have either, A - not known about it because I didn't see  
it in my first tutorial, or, B - skipped it feeling that I could  
handle making that transition into the "accepted" way.

I can see how some people might find use for it, but I believe overall  
the complexity would cause more confusion than it would prevent.

There's my 2 cents.


On Nov 18, 2007, at 1:52 PM, Shane Mingins wrote:

> On 19/11/2007, at 5:05 AM, Nathan Sutton wrote:
>> 0
>> Keep it, but make it a configuration option with default-off.
>> Nathan Sutton
>> fowlduck at gmail.com
>> rspec edge revision 2894
>> rspec_on_rails edge revision 2894
>> rails edge revision 8146
> I agree.  +1 configuration with default being current behaviour.
> Cheers
> Shane
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