[rspec-users] Running specs in reverse

Alvin Schur a.schur at nucleus.com
Sun Nov 11 12:01:04 EST 2007

> On Nov 08, 2007, at 6:07 pm, Alvin Schur wrote:
>> My goal is to detect inter-dependencies sooner than later...
> I have to say I've NEVER run specs backwards.  Am I sitting on a time  
> bomb?  Are there subtle traps that can create inter-dependencies  
> between specs?  To look at my specs I would not assume that running  
> order matters - I don't think I've ever used before(:all) for example.
> Ashkey
Our team uses Test::Unit and numerous inter-dependencies have crept in.  
Our team is also slowly moving to rspec.

Part of resolving the inter-dependencies is:

1) education
2) early detection

I don't want to be the "dependency police" particularly if rspec can do 
the job automatically for everyone on the team.


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