[rspec-users] RSpec on Rails 2.0

Mark McG. lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Nov 8 19:56:02 EST 2007

I have a project on edge rails that I'm trying to convert from Test:Unit
to rspec.    I have the rspec gem version 2338, the rspec and
rsepc_on_rails version 2831 in vendor/plugins, and rails version 8117 in

I've been able to get a few specs passing, have gotten the specs running
from autotest, and am able to do "rake spec:doc" and get the basic
command line spec printout.  I'd like be able to generate the html spec
printout, so I tried "spec spec --format html" but got the "undefined
method `before' for Spec::Rails::DSL::RailsExample:Class
(NoMethodError)" mentioned in the "Autotest busted with Rspec/Rails
trunk" thread from this forum.

I was wondering if anyone else has been able to get the spec printouts
working with edge rails and if so what versions of
rails/rspec/rspec_on_rails were used.

Thanks for your help,
- Mark
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