[rspec-users] Specifying mixins

Tom Stuart tom at experthuman.com
Tue Nov 6 10:21:05 EST 2007

On 6 Nov 2007, at 14:39, David Chelimsky wrote:
>> I'm hoping that this sort of "okay, you
>> understand the basics, but NOW what?" issue is the kind of thing that
>> the hotly-anticipated RSpec book will address, because any  
>> information
>> about best practice in this area is really lacking
> Well - there will be some of that, and we'll certainly consider
> including something about this issue. It's fairly common.

Great! My personal experience has been that the nuts and bolts of  
RSpec are pretty easy to pick up from the really rather good online  
documentation -- it's the details of how to actually apply this stuff  
to real projects that gets people confused about what "the right way"  
is. (Witness the many discussions about how to spec ActiveRecord  
validations, etc.)

Obviously a lot of this stuff is a matter of opinion and design  
preference rather than cold mathematical fact, but someone putting a  
stake in the ground and proclaiming a few best practices (at the right  
level of abstraction, i.e. general enough to be applicable but  
concrete enough to be useful) would be incredibly welcome. Can't wait!


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