[rspec-users] RSpec Texmate Bundle errors

Hugh Watkins lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Nov 4 17:51:22 EST 2007

This worked for me

#From my rails project
rm -rf vendor/plugins/rspec
rm -rf vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails
ruby script/plugin install 
ruby script/plugin install 
ruby script/generate rspec
#I installed the bundle in the global directory
cd /Library/Application\ Support /TextMate/Bundles
sudo svn co svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rspec/trunk/RSpec.tmbundle

#I had ended up with 2 ruby directories after the leopard install (so 2 
gem directories)
/usr/bin/ruby -v
ruby 1.8.6 (2007-06-07 patchlevel 36) [universal-darwin9.0]
/usr/bin/gem -v

/opt/local/bin/ruby -v
ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [i686-darwin8.10.3]
/opt/local/bin/gem -v

#I just went ahead nd installed the latest rspec gem in both, at so 
point I need to delete the /opt/local installation bt not right now
cd ~
svn checkout svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rspec/trunk rspec_trunk
cd rspec_trunk/rspec
rake gem
sudo /usr/bin/gem install pkg/rspec*.gem
sudo /opt/local/bin/gem install pkg/rspec*.gem

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