[rspec-users] BDD screenscast

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Tue May 22 06:43:14 EDT 2007

I posted a quick screencast demonstrating some BDD with RSpec yesterday:


I'm a C/Objective-C programmer who knows a bit of Ruby, almost  
nothing about Rails, and in BDD I can really only claim "new but  
interested" status.

It's not scripted, it's totally improvised and unplanned, so there  
are plenty of mistakes, sub-optimal ideas and things which I mis- 
said... but hopefully people will get the idea.

I think most of the people who read my weblog are fellow Objective-C  
programmers, but I wanted people to see the kind of workflow you can  
achieve with RSpec, especially when combined with addons like  
autotest and Growl.


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