[rspec-users] rspec and engines

David Smalley david.smalley.lists at googlemail.com
Wed May 9 12:32:08 EDT 2007


I've got an app that has most of the functionality packaged away in a  
rails engine. Thats all working great but there seem to be loads of  
problems with running my rspecs when nearly all the app code is in  
the form of

                                          / controllers
                                          / models
                                       / spec
                                       / ...

Just wondered if anyone on the list had a good working setup for  
rspec with engines and what they had to do. I've already written a  
custom rake task that tests the controllers/models/views of a  
particular plugin using

rake spec:plugin:models etc.

but its a terrible hack that I've put together and it'd be great if  
anyone had anything that looks more elegant.



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