[rspec-users] UI testing framework? (w/o selenium)

Tim Tischler tischler at purplecoffeecup.com
Wed May 9 01:06:41 EDT 2007

Hey all,

I am currently working on coming up w/ an easy to use, developer-centric web
testing framework to test a J2EE app with. (I have 3 rails apps in
production, love rspec, and am currently at a java shop).

I've looked at selenium, and it just doesn't seem like it is ready for prime
time, and the target audience is developers.   So, having said that, does
the rspec community want a "functional" test framework?  Are you happy w/
selenium, and is it working?

Unless someone convinces me of selenium, I'm planning on taking the basics
and concepts of rspec, and focus it more towards testing web applications,
and am happy to contribute.  My company is totally cool with contributing to
open source projects if it makes sense.

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Here is a sketch of what I think I'd like:

server "http://localhost:8080" do

  test '/' do
    page.status.should_be "200"
    page.should_have :image, "logo.gif"
    page.should_have :string, "Copyright 2006-Present SomeCo, Inc. All
rights reserved."
    page.should_have :div, :id => 'copyright'

    page.should_include :css, 'default.css'

    page.should_have.at_least.3 :div, :class => "bbxBody"
    page.should_have.at_most.6 :div, :class => "someClassName"

    # page.[name_of_form]_form.
    page.search_form.submit :name => "California" do
      result.status.should_be :success
      result.should_have :image, "logo.gif"
      result.url.should_contain "some_page.html"

    page.should_have :div, :class => 'something else'
    page.should_have :div, :id => 'foo', :class => 'bar'
    page.should_have '/div[1]/div[2]/td'

  test '/some/url.html?id=35' do
    page.should_redirect :to => '/foobar.html'

Tim Tischler
ttischler at homeaway.com
tischler at purplecoffeecup.com
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