[rspec-users] Installing plugins without svn:// access

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Tue May 8 07:58:07 EDT 2007

On May 7, 2007, at 7:32 PM, Lachie wrote:

> Hi George,
> I have the same problem. I've repeatedly asked for svn access from my
> corporate masters, and just as repeatedly been knocked back :(
> 1. run ssh on your home box on port 443 (https)
> 2. get http://www.agroman.net/corkscrew/
> 3. ssh to home (using corkscrew)
> 4. svn export svn://.../rspec_on_rails
> 5. tar jcvf rspec_on_rails.tar.bz2
> 6. scp lachie at homebox:rspec_on_rails.tar.bz2 . (using corkscrew)
> Yes, it really sucks.
> Scott, an http mirror would rock, or it could be mirrored at google
> code, using their http-viewable svn repos.

Ok - I've got an http read only mirror going.

Like I've said, this server is just being used right now for some of  
my own learning about server admin - so don't be surprised if it  
mysteriously stops working some day.  I'm paying for access, so  
please only use it if you can't access the rubyforge repository.

You can access trunk through this url:


or the whole of the repository through:


I'm only syncing once every hour, so trunk will be an hour off.  Also  
revision numbers will be one higher than they are if you checkout  
from from the real svn repos.

Happy hacking!


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