[rspec-users] spec template for CRUD?

Marcus Crafter crafterm at gmail.com
Sat May 5 01:58:11 EDT 2007

Hi David,

On 05/05/2007, at 12:59 PM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> On 5/4/07, Marcus Crafter <crafterm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Looks good mate. Is there also a way of being able to get the name of
>> the controller or some other variables into the 'it' strings to make
>> the verbalisations read well for shared specs?
>> like:
>> it "should assign #{@model.to_s.underscore} for the view....." do
> How about ...
> it "should assign #{@model.humanize} for the view....." do

Much better and would be fine with me, but the variable replacement  
currently doesn't resolve @model,etc at all unfortunately.

Any thoughts where to look? Digging deeper..



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