[rspec-users] sqlite3 and rspec_on_rails tests

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Thu Mar 29 01:59:48 EDT 2007

On Mar 29, 2007, at 1:37 AM, Josh Knowles wrote:

> On 3/28/07, Scott Taylor <mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com> wrote:
> Since this is really a problem with rails + sqlite, maybe we should
> make rspec's build depend on mysql and remove support for running the
> tests through sqlite ?
> -1
> SQLite is the only thing I bother to install on my development  
> boxes these days.  I shouldn't have to go install another database  
> system to be able to contribute to the project.  Setup a  
> cruisecontrol box with all of the databases if you're worried about  
> code being applied to trunk that isn't backwards compatible.
> Supporting 1.2.2 would be fine with me.

Well, as it stands now you can't even use sqlite!

So, something must be done, eventually.  Maybe for now we should just  
add a note to the docs about this, and maybe when edge rails becomes  
a version release it will be time to drop support for rails < 1.2.2


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