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On Jun 29, 2007, at 9:20 AM, Bill Kocik wrote:

> I didn't see any forums or lists for RSpec users, so I'm hoping there
> are RSpec users on this list who may be able to help.
> I have this in my routes.rb:
> map.signup 'signup/:step',
>     :controller => 'register',
>     :action => 'signup',
>     :step => 1
> This test in the associated *.rspec file passes:
> it "should assign @step to 1 on a get to 1" do
>   get 'signup', :step => 1
>   assigns[:step].should equal(1)
> end
> This one fails:
> it "should assign @step to 1 on a get to /signup" do
>   get 'signup'
>   assigns[:step].should equal(1)
> end
> Even though that second test fails, when running under mongrel the
> controller does the expected thing. If I GET /signup, the @step
> variable (which is simply assigned the value of params[:step] by a
> before_filter) is set to 1 appropriately. It seems that the default
> :step set in the routes.rb works when running in a server, but not
> during testing. I find this odd, since I am able to test my routes
> with route_for, and they all pass. It seems that during testing, some
> of what routes.rb specifies works, and some doesn't.
> Is this to be expected, or have I managed to break something? It's
> sort of hard for me to accept that I cannot test behavior of my
> controller that relies on mappings in routes.rb, so I'm guessing I've
> got something wrong somewhere.
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> Bill Kocik
> http://bkocik.net
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