[rspec-users] Custom report outputting text, expected and actual on succes?

Christian Hølmer Christian at hoelmer.dk
Thu Jun 28 04:21:20 EDT 2007

I would like to output the following information when running a spec
(_also_ on success):

- the description text
- the expected value
- the actual value

After looking through the documentation I thought custom formatters
might be the way to go, but unfortunately it does not look like all
variables are accessible from there?

I need this for an academic report where all testing needs to be
documented with expected and actual values. This will probably be one
of the only times I need this, so I am prepared for a quick and dirty
hack to get it working.

Before diving deeper into the code I would like to hear if anyone can
think of a clever solution? I thought of creating custom matchers that
outputs the information but this seems dumb?

Any ideas?

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