[rspec-users] [JOB] Web Application Developer

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Thu Jun 21 11:51:32 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I work for Codeweavers.net <http://www.codeweavers.net/> - not to be  
confused with the US CodeWeavers of CrossOver fame.  We produce  
enterprise software, mainly for the finance sector.

We are looking for a developer to take on a young project that I  
started.  I'm becoming the company's senior network admin for the  
next 12 months at least, so we need someone to eventually take over  
responsibility for the site.  It's a pretty tidy project for the most  
part, thoroughly tested with RSpec and decent MVC separation.  No  
legacy code here!

We are looking for the following in candidates:
* experience with OO programming and modelling
* understanding of relational databases (we use PostgreSQL)
* rabid enthusiasm for testing, BDD and automation

Experience of FreeBSD and Mac OS X (from a Unix perspective) would be  
handy.  Being a Capistrano whizz would be helpful.  None of this is  
essential though; we are happy to take on a junior developer if you  
are enthusiastic and willing to take on new things.

The job is permanent, full time, and on-site.  If you are interested,  
please reply to this email and I will forward your details to the  
relevant parties.


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