[rspec-users] Is it still possible to use should_have_rjs

Ashley Moran work at ashleymoran.me.uk
Fri Jun 15 05:53:18 EDT 2007


I've come back to a Rails project after about a month doing other  
work, and there's a lot of changes.  I was on the 0.7 branch before  
and I've upgraded to RSpec 1.0.5.  I used the spec translator, fixed  
the cases where it barfed on unusual line contents, and all my model  
and controller specs now pass. But I'm getting 53 failures on my view  
specs, all along the lines of:

should have visual effect
Unknown RJS statement type effect
32  it "should have visual effect" do
33    response.should have_rjs(:effect, :blind_down, "add_dealer")
34  end

I'm trying to revert these to should_have_rjs but I've looked through  
the RSpec source and it seems should_have_rjs was silently removed  
between 0.8 and 0.9.  At least I can't find any reference to it in  
the 0.9.4 source or the 1.0.5 source.  Am I missing something?  I  
really need should_have_rjs- those 53 failures represent about 20% of  
all my view specs.


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