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Tue Jun 12 02:43:47 EDT 2007

As I said in #ruby-lang  (I thought it may be helpful to someone  

For those of you using textmate, I've setup a snippet called rdebug,  
which adds the following:

require 'rubygems'; require 'ruby-debug'; debugger

Usually I only do this as a last resort.

My workflow goes as follows:  I run my spec suite for the newest  
spec.  If it fails and I simply cannot figure out why, I add this  
snippet before the line which fails (inside the spec), and then rerun  
the spec suite.  Since I use a failure file, it will only run this  
spec, and dump me right before the spec fails.

Hope that helps,


On Jun 12, 2007, at 2:37 AM, Luis Lavena wrote:

> On 6/12/07, Jonathan Linowes <jonathan at parkerhill.com> wrote:
>> Can you run rdebug on specs?
>> I get errors when I try:
>> $ rdebug spec ./spec/models/select_option_spec.rb
>> ./spec: Is a directory - ./spec (Errno::EISDIR)
>>         from /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-debug-0.9.3/bin/
>> rdebug:136:in `debug_load'
>>         from /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-debug-0.9.3/bin/
>> rdebug:136
>>         from /opt/local/bin/rdebug:16:in `load'
>>         from /opt/local/bin/rdebug:16
> Try the following:
> require 'ruby-debug' at top of your spec file.
> then, put 'debugger' inside your example block.
> That worked for me, also in combination with spec -e (just to run a
> specific example to pinpoint the problem).
> HTH,
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