[rspec-users] When to use BDD/TDD w/ external libraries

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 05:30:02 EDT 2007

> Test First Development is great...But should you use it when you are
> adding classes/methods on to external library that doesn't have an
> extensive test suite?  I noticed that the rspec plugin for autotest
> has no specs.


with external libraries like rails plugins, I find RSpec great to 'secure'
the expectations that my application has over these third parties.
I don't 'secure' everything, only the things which seem critical in the
context of this application.

I find this very useful before migrating a plugin to its new version, or
when replacing a plugin by another.
I also use it to reproduce bugs in those plugins.

my 0.02€!

ps: RSpec is a kind of a dream to me - the isolation provided by default is
bringing a lot of benefits to my testing process ! Thanks.


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