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are you guys aware of this??

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> On 5/28/07, Neil <neilrahilly at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just finished watching the testing episode. It was very helpful, but
>> it has been a while since it was produced, and I am wondering whether
>> some of the tools that have come out (or been updated) in the interim
>> (like test/spec and rspec) would be worth using.
> I sent a 2 hour, 45 minute screencast on rSpec out to my technical
> reviewer last Thursday. I hope to release it next week.
> I was initially quite skeptical about rSpec, but I'm converting all my
> projects to use it now. The style, speed, and utilities are well worth
> the effort of learning it. Test::Unit still has its place, but if
> you're on a small team that isn't tied down to existing code, I highly
> recommend checking it out.
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