[rspec-users] response.should_not redirect_to

Yurii Rashkovskii yrashk at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 20:31:42 EDT 2007

On Jul 27, 2007, at 3:26 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> On 7/26/07, Yurii Rashkovskii <yrashk at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> May be it is just too deep night over here and I'm missing something
>> though I got this failure on {{{response.should_not redirect_to}}}:
>> 'QueuesController should allow authenticated user to access 'show''
>> Matcher does not support should_not.
>> See Spec::Matchers for more information
>> about matchers.


>> class Spec::Rails::Matchers::RedirectTo
>>    def negative_failure_message
>>        return %Q{expected to not to be redirected to #
>> {@expected.inspect}, but actually was redirected there} if  
>> @redirected
>>    end
>> end
>> Any ideas?
> Sorry - the docs are inconsistent with the code - I intended to NOT
> allow "should_not redirect_to" because it seemed sort of silly to me.
> I would think you either want it to redirect somewhere known or expect
> something other than a redirect. WDYT?

Here is an extract from my source code

     it "should allow authenticated user to access '#{action}'" do
       @user = mock_user_authentication(:id => 1, :identity_url =>  
"http://openid.server/yrashk", :queues => [])
       get action, params
       assigns[:current_user].should == @user
       flash[:error].should be_nil
       response.should_not redirect_to(login_url)

Depending on action, it is either successful response or response  
that redirects somewhere (but not to login, since user is "proven" to  
be authenticated). In this example, I really don't want to care,  
whether it was successful response or redirection to somewhere, until  
it is not a redirection to login URL.

Stupid enough?


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