[rspec-users] need help getting a word right

Kyle Hargraves philodespotos at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 23:43:00 EDT 2007

David Chelimsky wrote:
> Consise? Yes. But I'm not psyched about 'specify' either. There IS a
> perfect word for this situation. What is it? Suggestions?

Personally, I disagree. For examples like that, I think 'specify' is a 
pretty ideal word. It reads exactly as I want it to. Depending on what 
I'm describing, I tend to use either 'it' or 'specify' exclusively, but 
I definitely do mix them throughout my projects. (I always use 
'describe,' though.)

The only problem I ever have is when the specify block needs to be 
larger than a line, and 'specify do' reads poorly -- which may be what 
you have against it, too. So far, I've just tried to avoid that...

Of course, I say that now, and then someone will have a great suggestion 
for a word that makes tons more sense.


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