[rspec-users] Outside-In with RSpec on Rails

Marcus Ahnve marcus at ahnve.com
Tue Jul 10 06:09:07 EDT 2007

On 7/10/07, aslak hellesoy <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/10/07, Marcus Ahnve <marcus at ahnve.com> wrote:
> > Whether or not to start with the view is a topic of great debate. Many
> > agile luminaries propose waiting with the ui for as long as possible,
> > whereas 37Signals for example won't start coding without a full HTML
> > mockup.
> >
> I wouldn't call myself an agile luminary, but I am at least a strong proponent.
> TDD means "write the test first"
> BDD takes this idea to a more general level: "write the client first"
> (the outside)

That's a great and concise description.

> The design/implementation benefits you get from writing the test first
> can also be achieved by writing the outside of your app first - it
> leads you to write the code that the client needs, rather than trying
> to guess it. The client is your test/spec OR a piece of your app that
> is "farther out". Same thing really.

Good stuff - I haven't thought of the UI in that way before.



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