[rspec-users] stubbing helper methods for View specs

Jens-Christian Fischer jcfischer.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 15:13:57 EDT 2007

>> I don't have enough rspec_fu to deduce where the problem lies..
>> Any helpers?
> In a nutshell - Rails compiles templates the first time they are
> encountered in a given runtime. Combine this with the fact that mock
> expectations are cleared out after every example, but the mock
> framework doesn't have access to the compiled template, and you can
> imagine that this is )(*&)(*ing nightmare-ish can of worms.
> I thought I had a solution for this in trunk, but I've just discovered
> some problems with it and am working to resolve them.
> Sorry - can't be more helpful right now.

so my best bet would be to use regular functional tests for the time  
being? (Having no specs/tests kind of seems to be the wrong solution  
to this problem...


cheers jc

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