[rspec-users] Emacs spec parsing?

Tilmann Singer tils-rspec at tils.net
Tue Jan 30 06:06:57 EST 2007


Did anyone with better emacs lisp knowledge than me already come up
with a function like spec-at-point which finds the specify and context
declaration for the current cursor position and returns a string which
can be used to be passed to the --spec option of the spec runner?

Damn that would be useful ...

I am currently using a function that runs spec --line with the current
line number, the problem with this is however that 1.) the
specification string is not shown again on the commandline if the spec
passed, and 2.) the line number may change when editing the file, and
re-running the previous spec commandline (with the very nice emacs
command recompile) may hit a different spot.

tia, Til

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