[rspec-users] Rails trunk breakages

Chris Anderson jchris at mfdz.com
Sun Jan 28 20:47:41 EST 2007

Anyone else having an issue with route-generation in specs breaking as
of Rails trunk r6062? When I run my specs at r6061, they all pass, and
in 6062 I get a trace like this every time my controller generates a

TypeError in 'Requesting /artists/1 using PUT should redirect to the artist'
can't convert Fixnum into String
(eval):19:in `artist_url'
./spec/controllers/artists_controller_spec.rb:267:in `do_update'

For now I'm just using Rails r6061, but I wonder if people using a new
version of RSpec are not having trouble. For reference, I'm using
RSpec and RSpec on Rails from trunk as of revision 1359. (Even more
reference. I just took a five minute break and upgraded to RSpec 0.8.0
(r1440) and am having the same problem.

Parallel Test::Unit tests aren't showing any signs of breakage.

I've put this in the tracker, as well.


Chris Anderson

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