[rspec-users] RSpec 0.7.5 with Rails and rcov

Jonathan Tron jonathan.tron.mailings at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 03:35:42 EST 2007

Le 16 janv. 07 à 00:55, s.ross a écrit :

> I'm running the same system configuration as you, except my Rails
> install is 5623. The bus error does not occur on my system when
> running this task. Note: I'm running trunk rSpec. What version of
> rSpec did you say you were running?

As I said on a different thread, I had the problem of "Bus Error"  
too, but only when I'm using mock_model from (http://metaclass.org/ 
2006/12/22/making-a-mockery-of-activerecord). I run specs on two  
different config and only the local one segfault.

My local config is : MacOS X.4.8 / Ruby 1.8.5 (from MacPorts) / Rails  
edge 1.2-branch / RSpec 0.7.5 (gem) / RspecOnRails 0.7.5 (from  
trunk at 1331) / rcov (gem)
My remote config is : Debian Testing / Ruby 1.8.5-4 / Rails edge 1.2- 
branch / RSpec 0.7.5 (gem) / RspecOnRails 0.7.5 (from trunk at 1331) /  
rcov (gem)

Tron Jonathan

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