[rspec-users] heckle and rspec on rails

Chris Anderson jchris at mfdz.com
Mon Jan 15 04:29:50 EST 2007

Now that I'm developing a big suite of specs, I really want to run
Heckle and see how well I've done.
Using r1359, when I run:

spec spec/models/metadata_report_spec.rb --heckle MetadataReport

the result is just to run the specs once and then exit, as though I
hadn't mentioned Heckle. I started looking though rspec to figure out
why, but it's late, so I should sleep instead.

I guess the question is, has anyone had luck using Heckle with Rails?
I've got it working for regular ruby specs, and it's a lot of fun
(although I do hit infinite loops sometimes).

Chris Anderson

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