[rspec-users] rcov seg fault

Jonathan Tron jonathan.tron.mailings at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 03:25:01 EST 2007

Le 10 janv. 07 à 00:07, Dylan Egan a écrit :

> Tried both suggestions. I moved from sqlite to postgresql.
> I also added some blank lines to the spec file, but without any luck.
> Will try and get it working somehow.

Sorry about the confusion, mysql/postgresql solutions was related to  
the fact that some specs doesn't work on sqlite3 when used in a  
different system.

My problem of seg fault when using rcov and mock_model remains  
unsolved (on my MacbookPro), I think it's a bug in ruby or rcov but I  
don't really have time to track it down.

Tron Jonathan

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