[rspec-users] rcov seg fault

Jonathan Tron jonathan.tron.mailings at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 09:52:27 EST 2007

Le 9 janv. 07 à 15:36, David Chelimsky a écrit :

> I was having similar problems on an MBP when I was using sqlite and
> rails. Since I started always using mysql, no problem.
> What was really weird was that I could get rid of the error by simply
> adding a few blank lines to any file that was involved in the spec
> run. VERY weird.

That's exactly what I did after replying, I switched to MySQL (then  
to PostgreSQL ;) ) and all errors vanished.
Besides these errors, the true (compared to sqlite's one) foreign key  
implementation of both Mysql/PostgreSQL forced me to refactor my spec  
on vanilla model separating more appropriatly what should be tested  
with and without fixtures loaded and what should hit the db and what  
should not :)... (mock with randomly generated id is BAD!!!!! when  
your db check for foreign keys infringement).

Tron Jonathan

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