[rspec-users] How To Spec Controllers with Finders

s.ross cwdinfo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 16:30:33 EST 2007

Given this code (which renders rjs), I'm faced with the fixture- 
driven way of spec-ing or mocking. How the heck to you mock this so  
the code at line (2) and (4) work right? I'm still struggling with  
mocks but it seems like this can be done. Forgive the naivety of this  

1.  def change_quantity
2.    @line_item = LineItem.find_by_id(params[:id])
3.    unless @line_item.nil?
4.      @line_item.update_attribute(:quantity, params[:quantity])
5.      @extension_id = "extension#{params[:id]}"
6.    end
7.  end


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