[rspec-users] Common setup code and naming specifications

Tobias Grimm listaccount at e-tobi.net
Thu Jan 4 18:03:36 EST 2007


I have a lot of contexts for testing Rails controllers, that must do
something like 'session[:logged_in] = true' in their setup. How can this
be refactored? In unit tests I would simply create a
LoggedInControllerTest base class, that all my functional tests would
derive from.

And another small question:

In my controller specifications I often have to decide whether to write:

specify "should provide the first ten items in @items and three pages in
@pages when passing no :page parameter to the :list action"


specify "should provide the first ten items and three pages when not
selecting a specific page"

So the decision is, whether to explicitly name parameters, return values
and actions or to use a more abstract phrase. How do you handle this?
Sorry, might be a stupid question, but I'm, still trying to get the
right "feeling" for BDD-style testing.



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