[rspec-users] On debugging rspec; running all specs under multiple directories

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Tue Feb 27 00:43:38 EST 2007

The latest bug - the one that I've just put into the tracker - is  
halting all work that I'm doing on this rails project.  I would like  
to contribute back to the community, and fix the bug for myself.  Any  
suggestions on how to do this?  Maybe some suggestions for how to  
debug a code base which you are unfamiliar with?

One thing I would like to do is run all of the specs in the rspec  
library to see if they are passing. - the ones that fail will  
probably point to the culprit.  How can I run all of the specs under  
one directory, if the specs are under subdirectories?  This maybe  
more of a unix question then an rspec one...

Thanks for the help,

Scott Taylor

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