[rspec-users] drbspec - "no server running"

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Sun Feb 25 21:22:37 EST 2007

At times I've gotten the message "No Server Running" from drbspec  
with my rails app.  The thing is, the drb server certainly is running!

This happened a few times with my model specs.  I'm not sure exactly  
what the problem was there - I believe I was loading up fixtures that  
didn't exist.  I was calling fixtures :singular_table_name as opposed  
to fixtures :plural_table_name

This time it happened with my controller.  I generated the controller  
with the ./script/generate rspec_controller ControllerName command...

It doesn't appear that the specs are setup to fail to begin with, but  
if this were the default behavior, one certainly shouldn't see a "No  
Server Running"

I could create a short screen cast if someone would like me to, or  


Scott Taylor

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