[rspec-users] Spec failing [Possible Bug with kind_of? and instance_of?]

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Sat Feb 24 05:21:25 EST 2007

I have a spec which is failing, but I just can't say why.  Maybe I'm  
missing something painfully obvious?

Here is the pastie of the results & the spec:


The spec to look for is "should have an array of users"  I've printed  
out ("puts'ed") to the terminal the fact that the values are  
*opposite* to what the spec fails on...

Thanks, all, for your help,

Best Regards,

Scott Taylor

P.S.  In the future shall I just plop in a bunch of code to my  
message, or is pastie a good means for delivering somewhat large  
chunks of code?

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